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Gallery of Studio Paintings
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Most of my studio paintings result from plein air field studies combined with photo references and memory.  I feel the use of location studies are essential to the creation of mood and meaning in a painting. This listing of paintings is not edited as to availability. Please contact me by email or telephone for this information. If you see something you like and it is not available, I can create a similar painting for you on commission and, usually on an "on approval" basis.

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My goal here is to take a painting off the easel and place it on the website.  I average a new painting each 1-2 weeks and I will attempt to update the site at least once per month.  I hope you will add me to your favorite sites and come back from time-to-time to view my latest projects.  After completing a painting, Andrew Wyeth would often invite comments from studio visitors; I, like Andrew, welcome an objective view of my paintings; particularily as it may involve picture feel and the overall experience the painting invokes within you.  I invite these comments as you visit my online studio.  Me email and guestbook are available for this feedback.

'Light of Zions'
'Light of Zions', RL Biddinger
24x20in, Oil on Canvas, 2008

'Rocky Mountain Streamside'
20x16, oil on canvas; OPA Natl Exh; Arts for the Parks

'Mist of Cascade Canyon'
30x24, oil on canvas (Giclee prints available)

'Evening at Oxbow Bend'
'Evening at Oxbow Bend', RL Biddinger
20x30, oil on canvas; NOAPS Best of America Exh (Giclee prints available)

'Blacktail Ponds in the Tetons'
24x36, oil on canvas

'Teton Meadow Evening'
20x30, oil on canvas

'First Trail View - Avalanche Lake'
'First Trail View-Avalanche Lake', RL Biddinger
20x24in, Oil on Canvas, 2007

'Rising Above the Calm'
30x40, oil on canvas

'Complexities of Time'
36x24, oil on canvas

'First Light-Mt Moran'
24x36, oil on canvas

'Sealed in Time'
'Sealed in Time', RL Biddinger
20x16, oil on canvas; Arts for the Parks; Collection Grand Canyon Assoc

'Grand Evening Glow', RL Biddinger

'Grand Evening Glow', 30x24, oil on canvas, 2008

'Teton Highcountry'
'Teton Highcountry', RL Biddinger
24x30in; Oil on Canvas; 2008 (Available as a Giglee Print)

'Walking the Rim'
'Walking the Rim', RL Biddinger
28x22in, Oil on Canvas, 2008

'Temples of the North Rim'
20x30, oil on canvas; Arts for the Parks

'Touch of Glory'
20x30, oil on canvas

'Inspiration Point'
24x20, oil on canvas

'Last Light'
28x22, oil on canvas; Top 100, Arts for the Parks

'Building on the Past - Mammoth Hot Springs'
30x24, oil on linen

'Bradley Lake'
30x24, oil on canvas

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