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The plein air painting is done on location in a short timeframe (usually under two hours) with the objective to capture the feeling and color of the subject rather than produce a finished result.  These are field studies used to bring the essence of nature into subsequent studio paintings.  The blending of the artist with his natural surroundings transfers an intimate sense of place to the canvas.  Many collectors purchase these paintings for the purity and sponteneity of the technique.  These paintings are done mostly in oil, but, on occasion, in watercolor and other mediums.
Also, on this page, I am including some of my small studio studies.  I will often complete a small study to test and visualize an idea prior to completing a larger painting.  They, like my plein air paintings, are taken to various stages of completion.

10x15, oil on panel; NOAPS; Arts for the Parks; Paint the Parks

'Below the Rim'
Oil on Panel, 11x14; Arts for the Parks

'Zoroaster at Twilight'
11x14, oil on panel; Arts for the Parks

14x11, oil on panel; NOAPS

Study: 'Winter Stream'
Study - 'Winter Stream', Oil, 10x9

Pleinair: 'Mt Timp from Tibblefork'
Pleinair - 'Mt Timp from Tibblefork', Oil, 8x10

Pleinair: 'Canyonlands Candlestick'
Pleinair - 'Canyonlands Candlestick', Oil, 8x10

Study: 'Glass on Green'
Study - 'Glass on Green', Oil, 9x12

'Majestic Mt Owen'
'Evening at Oxbow Bend', RL Biddinger
14x11in, Oil on Panel, 2008 (pleinaire, view from String Lake Road, morning)

'Cathedral Group from Willow Flat'
'Cathedral Group from Willow Flat'  RL Biddinger
9x12, oil on panel; 2008

'Trinity Creek'
14x11, oil on panel; Arts for the Parks; Paint the Parks

'Canyon Twilight', Oil on Linen, 14x11"
Painting by RL Biddinger:  Canyon Twilight
Mini Top 100, 2004, Arts for the Parks; Collection Grand Canyon Assoc

'Che-ops Pyramid Up Close'
11x14, oil on panel; Arts for the Parks

Study: 'Upper Falls'
Study: 'Spring Thaw-Upper Falls', Oil, 16x12

Study:  Sedona Towers
'Sedona Towers', Oil, 9x12

Pleinair: 'Sheep Cabin'
Pleinair - 'Sheep Cabin', Oil, 10x8

Study: 'Venice Alleyway'
Study - 'Venice Alleyway', Oil, 8x10

This is a small selection (and not necessarily the best) of hundreds of pleinaire and small paintings; I do a lot of these.  I will try to change the selection as we go along. 

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